About A La Turka Ramsgate

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'From Field to Plate'

Welcome to A La Turka Ramsgate Branch

At A la Turka we serve dishes originating from Gaziantep, a city and settlement in Turkey's South Eastern region. Being on the silk route, the region has a huge diversity and fusion of cultures. It's cuisine from all over the world give the region the name 'Food paradise'.

At A la Turka we are proud to be the only restaurants in Kent representing this regions authentic cuisine.

Giving the best possible service to our customers is very important to us and we are pleased to welcome people of all cultures to introduce and share the flavours of Turkey.



Mehmet and his staff

I am the 3rd eldest of 9 siblings, from a family of farmers from Gaziantep and arrived in the UK in 1998. My love for food began in my mother's kitchen, where I was her main helper sourcing the ingredients and preparing our meals. Food has always been a big part of my life as I also worked with my father growing the produce on our farm and selling our harvest in the local markets.

Since arriving in the UK I knew I wanted to be in the food industry, but learning the language was always my first priority. Having spent a few years working in different establishments to understand the food business in the UK has meant I was able to open my first food outlet in 2000 and first restaurant in 2006.